The $SENTX Rewards Token

SENTX is the rewards token that you receive while trading on our marketplace (buying and selling) and performing other actions such as minting on the Launchpad. Having SENTX allows users to obtain exclusive "magic items" that enhance the experience on the platform and grant cosmetic options and customizations for the user's public profile. Examples of magic items are:

  • Wyrms' Eye Spyglass: Track whales on the platform, their activities, and favorite NFT collections.
  • Ethereal Boots: Automatically spend SENTX in your wallet instead of HBAR for gas fees when performing transactions.
  • Pouch of Bartering: Make bulk offers and adjust additional settings related to offers.
  • Avatar Frames: Add exclusive frames to your public profile and boost your SENTX earnings.
  • Magic Rings: Fee Discounts for trading.

Additionally, having SENTX staked to a SaucerSwap LP Pool or Farm gives users access to guaranteed minting pools on the Launchpad, along with additional SENTX earnings and other exclusive magic items that are released periodically.